Introduction to TCM - TCM Basics
Provides good explanations of TCM theory and practice.
Traditional Chinese Medicine - HealthWorld Online
An extensive site for information about Chinese Medicine.
Center for Health and Healing Acupuncture Studies
Annotated references to clinical research on acupuncture.
Dawn Motyka, M.D.
Dr. Motyka is a Santa Cruz family physician who specializes in Functional Medicine. She generously answers questions from callers and emailers on her radio show/podcast. She's a great resource.
University of Maryland's Complementary and Alternative Medicine Guide
Nicely indexed evidence-based information about herbs, supplements and other alternative medical treatments. The University of Maryland's Medical Center website is a very comprehensive resource for the public.
Ornish Kitchen
One of the best websites for delicious, gourmet, healthy recipes that adhere to Ornish's reversal program. Great search capability. Beautifully produced cooking videos.

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