New Clients

Welcome! Here's everything you need to know as a new client.

Your First Visit

Please do not clean your tongue in the morning before acupuncture. It’s best if you are not hungry or overly full for your treatment. Avoid excessive (more than is usual for you) caffeine on the day of acupuncture. Also avoid foods, such as blueberries or red candies, that would color your tongue. If you are used to taking medication for pain, you may want to discuss with your medical doctor the possibility of lowering your dosage on days you'll be receiving acupuncture. We can discuss this at your appointment. Strenuous exercise just after acupuncture may interfere with its benefits so please plan accordingly.

Acupuncture is a deeply relaxing experience for most people. On the first visit we’ll talk about your symptoms and concerns, much like you do with a doctor. I may perform a Chinese medical diagnostic exam by looking at your tongue and feeling the pulses at your wrists. Only sterile, disposable acupuncture needles are used at this office. They are very thin and cause little or no pain on insertion. I may stimulate the needles in order to promote specific therapeutic effects. You’ll rest with the needles in place for 15 to 30 minutes. If you have questions about the treatment or how you’re feeling, don’t hesitate to ask me. If I think auxiliary modalities like electro­acupuncture, cupping or guasha would be helpful, I’ll discuss the proposed treatment with you beforehand. Insurances often don’t reimburse for these other treatments.

Clinic Policies and Fees

If you won’t be able to keep an appointment, please call the office as soon as you know. There’s no charge for changes or cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance, on the previous business day. For late cancellations and missed appointments, there’s a $50 fee. For Monday appointments, please call by Friday.

Unless prior arrangements have been made, payment by cash or check is expected at the time services are rendered. I do not accept credit cards, ATM cards or online methods of payment at this time. If you find it difficult to afford ongoing treatments, please ask about the reduced fee schedule. A $30 fee is charged for checks returned due to insufficient funds.

Health Insurance

If you have health insurance, I’ll inquire with them about your coverage before we set your first appointment. I'll need the following information in order to check insurance. You may call or email me. Please be aware emailing may not be encrypted.

Please be aware that the information I receive from insurance is not always complete or even accurate. You may want to call the insurance company yourself, as well. New clients are responsible for fees at the time of service until insurance has started reimbursing. At that point, we will issue a check to you for any credit on your account. Going forward, at each visit, you will pay the portion of fees that insurance is not expected to pay.


Please print these 2 forms, fill them out and bring to your first appointment:

New Client Intake

New Client Body

If we are billing your insurance, fill out this form:
Health Insurance Form

This form is for your reference and does not need to be printed:
Privacy Practices